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Applications are now open for funding to undertake knowledge exchange activities to accelerate and amplify the impact of research from the Future of UK Treescapes programme. 

Applicants from a range of disciplines, including environmental science, economics, social science, art and humanities are invited to apply for up to £80,000 towards projects that will build on or complement the current knowledge exchange activities of the programme.

The projects are strongly encouraged to engage and partner with at least one of the projects already funded within the programme. This will ensure the effective translation of research outputs to help increase the long-term impact of the programme. Applicants do not need to have previously received programme funding.

The funding is supported by NERC, AHRC and ESRC. Applicants may apply for projects that cost up to £100,000, and successful projects will be funded 80% of the total cost. Projects can run for up to 12 months and must start by 1st November 2023. 

Dr Julie Urquhart, Co-Ambassador for the Programme said:
“We are really excited to have the opportunity to fund projects specifically geared towards knowledge exchange. Our projects’ research is beginning to show clear results, and we need to have a range of activities that will help transfer this knowledge to key stakeholders in order to deliver increased treescape expansion and improved resilience of our trees, forests and woodlands.”


Photo by Ruben Hanssen on Unsplash

A range of different project sizes and scopes will be supported within this funding call to ensure that as many different audiences are reached as possible. All projects will not only need to engage with UK Treescapes projects but they will also be expected to co-design and/or co-deliver the project with at least one stakeholder organisation, such as NGOs, community groups, landowners or local authorities.

Professor Clive Potter, Co-Ambassador for the Programme said:
“There are a number of stakeholders that have relatively low engagement with the programme at present but will be key in helping to meet the UK Government’s ambitious tree-planting targets, such as the commercial forestry sector. We are particularly keen on innovative and far-reaching approaches that will engage with these key sectors to help ensure the success of the programme.”

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