The project aims to extend the impact of the Branching Out initiative by enhancing the understanding of social and cultural (S&C) values associated with urban treescapes. It intends to develop practical tools and methods for local authorities and community groups to integrate these values into decision-making regarding tree management and expansion.

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Tree branches extend across the blue sky

Project Summary:

Amplifying Urban Treescapes Values

Branching Beyond is an innovative endeavour building on the Branching Out project, which focuses on valuing urban treescapes.

This new phase seeks to amplify and broaden the impact by extending the reach to new urban landscapes (Camden and Edinburgh). It aims to empower local authorities and community groups with practical tools to appreciate, integrate and leverage social and cultural values connected with urban trees.

At its core, Branching Beyond is a concerted effort to bridge the gap between technical assessments and the intricate tapestry of social and cultural values inherent in urban treescapes. Through collaborative efforts and innovative approaches, the project seeks to revolutionize the way urban green spaces are perceived, managed, and cherished.


  • Development of Online Template: A user-friendly online template will be created to help local authorities and community groups identify and understand key social and cultural values associated with urban treescapes. The approach intends to reach beyond conventional boundaries, enabling a more holistic decision-making process regarding the management and expansion of urban greenery.
  • Participatory Horizontal Portability Process: This involves testing, validating, and refining the template in new cities (Camden and Edinburgh). Workshops and citizen panels will play a pivotal role in refining the understanding of social and cultural values in these diverse urban settings.
  • Training and Dissemination: To ensure the successful integration of these tools and methods, the project encompasses a robust training and dissemination strategy. Training sessions will equip stakeholders with the necessary skills to navigate the online template effectively, and the team aims to make these resources widely accessible and usable among those involved in the dynamic landscape of urban tree management.
STATUS: Ongoing

Project Lead

Jasper Kenter, Aberystwyth University


The project involves a multidisciplinary team comprising natural and social scientists, humanities scholars, key partners from different cities (Camden, Edinburgh), the Local Government Association and various academic institutions, including the University of York and Loughborough University.