The Programme Advisory Board (PAB) are a group of our stakeholders who advise our Programme Ambassadors on the industry, policy and wider society applications and impact of the Treescapes research programme in order to help the Programme achieve its objectives.

The Board offer advice to the Ambassadors and project leaders on stakeholder and public engagement aspects of the research, including key issues for policy and practice, and identifying future research priorities.


Our PAB members

Woman in a green jacket smiling

Caroline Ayre

Policy and forestry specialist, Evolving Forests
A man in a blue shirt smiles in front of a sign that reads National Trust.

John Deakin

Head of Trees and Woodlands, National Trust
A man in a white t-shirt standing outside

Brendan Freeman

Lead Analyst Natural environment, Climate Change Committee
A woman in a black coat stands outside with plants behind

Dr Hazel Jackson

Head of Conservation Outcomes & Evidence, Woodland Trust
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Sam Lattaway

Head of Landscape, Biodiversity & Research, National Forest Company
A blonde haired woman smiles at camera

Naomi Matthiessen

Nature for Climate Tree Programme Director, Defra
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Nina Menichino

Team Leader for Evidence Portfolio, Programmes and Processes, Natural Resources Wales

Isabella Murfin

Nature for Climate Tree Programme Director, Defra

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Martin Phillips

Professor of Human Geography & Co-ordination Team, Landscape Decisions Programme, University of Leicester
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Helen Sellars

Head of Sustainable Forest Management, Scottish Forestry

A woman with brown hair smiling

Nicola Spence CBE

Chief Plant Health Officer, Defra

A man stands looking up at a tree

Jon Stokes

Director of Trees, Science & Research, Tree Council
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Clare Trivedi

Tree Health Scientific Advisor, Defra