Future Treescapes 2022

Growing the evidence for treescape expansion

9:30am – 4:30pm, 22 September 2022

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Future Treescapes 22 is the first conference being led by the Future of UK Treescapes Programme.

Coming years are likely to see one of the most dramatic increases in tree cover and forest planting in the UK for generations. Government commitments to net-zero and nature recovery mean that significant investment in tree planting and woodland expansion will have profound impacts on our country’s landscape, biodiversity and culture. However, questions remain about how best to do this in order to gain the most benefit – not only for the environment but for society as a whole.

The Future of UK Treescapes is a £14.5 million programme of research and activities that will help inform the critical decisions that will be made in coming years around the ‘what, where, how and who’ of treescape expansion. In addition, they will help us to better safeguard our trees, woods and forests.

What will happen on the day?

Future Treescapes 22 is a chance to hear from some of the brightest minds working on this topic, learn about cutting-edge research and make a contribution to vital conversations around treescape expansion.

The day’s activities will be centred around our three programme themes:

The full programme will be announced shortly.

Who should attend?

This conference will bring together the teams leading our projects, the key decision-makers and industries involved in treescape expansion and those who will be most affected by the changes to our trees, forests and woodlands.

This includes researchers interested in forestry, woodland, urban and other treescapes; those managing woods and trees; policymakers, land owners and other decision-makers on treescape expansion; community groups that will be impacted by treescape expansion; and anyone interested in learning about the latest treescape-related research.

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