Exploring research impact for treescapes projects

2:00am – 4:00pm, 22 April 2022

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In this workshop, we will be introducing a Research Impact Evaluation Framework developed by Forest Research. We will talk about developing a theory of change, short, medium and long term outcomes, and then move on to discuss indicators and methods for data gathering. We will be asking participants to get involved and consider these issues for their projects. The approach suggested will support Treescapes projects in building impact narratives for their projects.


Liz O’Brien is Head of the Society and Environment Group at Forest Research. She is an environmental sociologist and her research focuses on human nature relationships with a particular focus on wellbeing and health, her work also focuses on land manager decisions and knowledge networks. She is working across multiple interdisciplinary projects including the Branching Out Treescapes project where she is a joint Work Package leader for Dissemination and Impact.

Sarah Pohlschneider is a social scientist at Forest Research. She is an interdisciplinary sustainability scientist who combines perspectives from policy, practice and education of forest and integrated land management. Her work focuses on the social dimensions of biosecurity and the engagement of diverse stakeholders in treescape-related decision-making. She is involved in multiple interdisciplinary research projects, including Branching Out where she contributes to the Work Package for Dissemination and Impact.

What will happen on the day?


14:00 – Introduction and overview of the Research Impact Evaluation Framework and theory of change

14:30 – Interactive section – Identifying the vision for your project and reflection

14:50 – Interactive section – identifying short/medium outcomes and reflection

15:10 – Break

15:20 – Interactive section – considering indicators and methods

15:40 – Discussion on framework and approach

16:00 – Close

Please note this event will be hosted online and may be recorded and made available for those who cannot attend.

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